multisampled instruments

ultimate Club Bass Vol 1

Get inspiration from a a truckload of great multisampled basses - We bring you a brand new collection of Bass patches, (96 Patches in total) for GA4/GASE4

Smooth, laid back acoustic and electric bass sounds,  Chicago-influenced House Bass, Detroit & New York House, 808-style DnB subs, Classic Moog, filthy Deep House Bass tones, Driving Trance & Tech House,  Add in a variety of timeless classics like the ever popular "Lately Bass" All patches are  ready to play right out the box, & get your Modern Club productions off to a flyer.

All Patches are sampled tone for tone from the original source, 84 samples per patch, spanning the entire key range from G#-1 - C6 with All VST3 Presets included ready to roll inside Cubase Mediabay.

This pack really has all the basses covered!

Pack Contents:

6175 Multi Samples + 96 VST 3 Presets

Download Size: 550Mb (2.1Gb Unzipped)

Ultimate Club bass PATCH LIST

4 To The Floor Bass
Acid Bass 2
Acid Bass
Aeleron Bass
Aira Acid Bass
Analogic Bass
Armada Bass
Auron Bass
Beaufort Bass
Belushi Bass
Bergstein Bass
Bizzy Bass
BlackBeauty Bass
Bobcat Bass
Brigadier Bass
Butterworth Bass
Cahill Bass
Capitan Bass
Chatterbox Bass
Chetford Bass
Classic Moog Bass
Club House Bass
Club Paris Bass
Club Slapped Bass
Clubber Bass
Collosal Bass
Corvin Bass
Cream Bass
Cushy Bass
Cyber Bass

Deep House Bass
Defective Bass
Deptford Bass
Deputy Bass
Detroit Bass
DI Bass
Duality Bass
Earworm Bass
Electro Bass
Epic Trance Bass
Fingered Dance Bass
Flash Bass 
Fusion Bass
Goa Bass
Gobsmacking Bass
Halion Bass
Harvey Bass
Holloway Bass
Indian Bass
Killkenney Bass
Klass Bass
Lately Bass
Loaded Bass
Mermaid Bass
Neuron Bass
Nickelback Bass
NY Clubber Bass
Paris House Bass
Parkhouse Bass
Perk Bass
Phreak Bass
Phtnm Bass

Poly Bass

Popped Bass

Prudence Bass

PWL Bass

Ravaged Bass

Referee Bass

Repro Bass
Reunion Bass
Rezorektion Bass
Ripper Bass
Ripperton Bass
Sarture Bass
Sauron Bass
Space Crunch Bass
Square Saw Bass
Stabber Bass
Sub Nuck Bass
Sweatshirt Bass
Tech Bass
Topper Bass
Two Ton Bass
Tyson Bass
Universe Bass
Urethra Bass
Vantage Bass
Virtuality Bass
Wavering Bass
Wroclaw Bass
Zebra Bass.
Zirconia Bass