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Our Mix Templates consist of  an easy to use Cubase project file, which has been pre-engineered by sound experts, to provide the end user with a ready-made template to deliver the aspired sound, by simply adding the relevant recorded tracks to the relevant channels in the template. By choosing our MIX TEMPLATES solution, You get a full Cubase project file ready with a variety of channels, all prearranged and prepared with the appropriate plug-ins, EQs, compressors, limiters, effects, groups and more.

These have been engineered by professionals for different genres, all offered here by us. You recorded your song and now have all your files and channels ready for mix, now the question is, how to mix? what comes first? which plug-ins to use? how to use them? in what order? Learning how to mix requires knowledge, expertise and experience. Access to this knowledge and experience means spending money and investing a lot of time and effort, you will need guidance and lots of experience and you may get frustrated along the way.

Using our Cubase ready Mixing Template is a great solution to getting immediate access to how sound engineers & Top Producers manage their mix, you will get instant visibility to how each channel is engineered, how each compressor, EQ, EFX and more, are tailored in order to get to the professional sound that hit ready records are built from.

Free xmas cubase Template 

Product  Description:

Cubase Pro 8.5 Free Starter Template.

Content: (1.2Mb) 


Cubase Pro 8.5 Free Template.

Content: (1.2Mb) 

   2 x Audio & Midi Sidechain triggers 
   4 Audio Channels + Folder
   4 Midi Channels + Folder
   1 x Retrologue Channel + Patch
   1 x Padshop Channel  + Patch

   4 Group BUS with Effects pre- routed      
   1 x Drums Bus
   1x Synth Bus 
   1 x Bass  Bus
   1 x Vocal Bus + Female Vocal Chain
   1 x PreMaster Bus

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Cubase Templates
Please note: Our Professional Studio Templates will only become  available early in the new year, We are in the process of updating our Templates to accomodate users of Cubase Pro 9.  to ensure backwards compatability!.
We thank you for your patience.