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Cubase device panels
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Device Panels (see below) Allows you to  create virtual control panels for your MIDI hardware, As much as you can create Quick Control panels for your virtual gear. Rolling your own Device Panels is pretty easy, too. Cubase provides plenty of tools to use, including all the knobs, faders and buttons you'd need to create your own virtual hardware panels.

A carefully crafted panel will allow full automation of MIDI CC and SysEx parameters.

We undertake custom Device Patch Panels to order - Please contact us for a quotation for your Hardware Synth or Effects Module - If your product is not listed in the enclosed PDF opposite.

Please click the PDF Doc for our updated Device  Panel  Hardware list.

How to open and set up a device panel in Cubase Pro:

  1. Open the MIDI Device Manager from the Devices menu.

  2. Click the “Import Setup” button.

    A file dialog opens.

  3. Select a device setup file.

    The Device setup files are saved in XML format, for more information see the separate PDF document "MIDI Devices".

  4. Click Open. The Import MIDI Devices dialog opens where you can select one or several devices for import.

    A device setup file can contain one or several MIDI devices.

  5. Select a device and click OK.

    The device is added to the list of installed devices in the MIDI Device Manager.

  6. Select the correct MIDI output from the Output pop-up menu, select the device in the list and click the Open Device button.

    The device panel opens in a separate window. The Edit (“e”) button at the top opens the Edit Panel window, see the separate PDF document "MIDI Devices".

  7. Close the Device panel and return to the Project window.

  8. Select the device from the “Output Routing” pop-up menu for a MIDI track.

    Note that for some devices, you may have to set the MIDI channel to “Any”.


Now the Device panel can be opened by clicking the Open Device Panels button in the Inspector or in the channel for the corresponding track in the MixConsole.


Note that Ctrl/Cmd-clicking the Open Device Panels button allows you to open a subpanel via the panel browser pop-up menu.