NE 2 oNE cubase Tuition

Learn how to make a complete track from start to finish. Starting from a blank template, right through to the final Mixdown & Mastering process. 

Thinking of moving DAW & are unfamiliar with Cubase signal flow?

Need Tech help on the inner workings of setting up & operating Cubase?


We show you how! In finite detail - all catered to your own choice of topics!

What makes our teaching methods fantastic, is that very fact that YOU choose the Curriculum to suit your personal learning curve & experience level. we can cater for the complete beginner - right up to seasoned professionals who have a desire for moving DAWs ( Ableton / Logic / Protools etc - who are plannning to introduce Cubase into their studio setup. Or indeed just  brushing up on the forward thinking features  Steinberg introduce at every Cubase revision.

You choose the lesson topics - entirely customised to suit your learning pace, where you create your own fully tailored curriculum -  be it 1 hr of Tech help or indeed a fully structured personal Lesson plan entirely suited to you!.

Cubase 8 tutorials


  • Setting up Cubase - Audio Card Configuration

  • Track Construction & Template Management

  • Midi Programming & 

  • Loop Based Composition - Audio Slicing /Remixing / Groove Quantizing

  • Automation Panel & Lane Editing

  • Sample Editing & Audio Editor

  • Creating Drum Loops With Groove Agent

  • Changing pitch and tempo and audio events

  • Matching Tempo & Tempo Track

  • Replacing MIDI events with audio events

  • Integrating MIDI and audio

  • Using digital signal processing and plug-ins

  • Midi & The Piano Roll Editor

  • Arrangement, Song and Composition Form

  • FX & Signal Routing & Sidechaining techniques

  • Vocal Recording & Mic Techniques

  • Mixing & Mastering Chains

So If you are looking to take your music production skills with Cubase  to the next level,  then why not Get in Touch,


Our Tutors  have over 45 Years combined experience in the music industry, & have made their careers entirely using Steinberg Cubase - So no nonsense - Just solid advice by Platinum winning producers & award winning Sound Engineers.


Our Skype/Teamviewer experts:   Mike Smith (BA Hons Creative Music Technology)  & Ally MacIsaac (SAE Alumni Dip) as well as running their own studios independently, have over  40 years experience in music production and over 45+ years on the UK music scene between them, Winning Silver - Platinum Sales Awards, from The UK to Australia. Our instructors  have signed Major  Label Record deals (Sony Music)  - Remixed Major Label artists - alongside headlining appearances at Music Festivals AS Artists themselves. Our knowledge of the Music industry isnt groundless - its endless - So you couldn't be in better hands.

 They will take your hand & lead your through the ins & outs of Cubase at your own pace,  While utilising their extensive knowledge of Steinberg's product range,  They offer  clear explanations throughout & ensure you grasp  all aspects of track production  techniques in the process. 

Our lessons are totally bespoke, depending on your  requirements & knowledge level - After a brief Skype chat to discuss, We will cater your lessons e.g - If you are moving from another  DAW & wish to gain a fast & intensive understanding of Cubase from the very beginning & wish to get up & running fast.

 Or indeed for the beginner who is just begining their journey into Music Production - You will be following our highly detailed learning curriculum right out the box.  All done Step by step,  from help  Installing Cubase all the way to finishing tracks in no time.

We  help you gain the skills you need in the modern fast paced & competitive Music industry, enabling you to reach your goals,  and get you where your finishing tracks & showing them off to the world.

So whats stopping you ?...  get your tech questions answered by a highly seasoned professional - Take away the knowledge gaps & Finally get your tracks finished & also your music out to the world -


We LOVE to help others achieve success - you just need to take the first step - Contact Us for more details!.