We supply  VST3 Presets * Audio Multisamples * Drum Kits * Synth Patches * Groove Quantize Presets * Midi Loops & a host of other content for Steinberg Cubase.  All created with Love & comes with a granite guarantee,  that all our content -  every Pack & Preset is carefully crafted & sonically tuned for easy useage directly within Steinberg Cubase.

All our content is conveniently MetaTagged & Attributed properly for your Sonic consumption available immediately within your Mediabay.
No Hassle - No Problem - groove on!
Device panels
Patch Scripts
  • Hardware Device panels for controlling your external Studio hardware within Cubase. Most 3rd party Keyboards, ( Korg - Roland - Yamaha etc) Boutique Sound Modules & Effects Rack Units with a nice software based interface via Midi Control.

  • Sysex & Patch Scripts available for  Legacy & New keyboards 

  • Custom Device Panels are our speciality - Ask Us to do a Bespoke panel for your shiny new Synth or Effects Units!



Learn to produce the coolest genres, while advancing  your own production knowledge & gain a firm understanding of Cubase' internal signal flow.

Spark your creativity by dissecting the included project CPR's,  acquire new skills  that help your own workflow, ALL our templates are Royalty FREE, meaning you can use them as is, in your OWN projects. 

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  • Groove Agent SE is a compact & fully featured Instrument Multi - Sampler, although designed initially for Drums, We expose the beauty & power of this great sonic weapon, enabling you to easily host our range of extensive Multisampled Libraries & Sound Collections without the need for Groove Agent 4 or Halion 5.

  • PLEASE NOTE - Our Multi-Sample Packs will be available early Jan 17' to ensure compatibility with Cubase Pro 9 


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