Halion 6 


 News of upcoming changes to our marketplace & new policies coming to our store, regarding 3rd party content creation & User uploads of Halion / HalionSonic / SE content.
Finally with the hotly anticipated release of Halion 6 now upon us, & its incredible new features being touted to the world, After serious consideration, Here at Cubasetools HQ We have decided to open up our Marketplace to ALL Content Creators of fresh new Halion 6 & HalionSonic / SE Content!.  
We will be adding our own Instruments & Boutique Synth creations, right alongside our fellow Steinberg Halion 6 users, They can upload & resell their own Instruments creations at will, set  their own price - all the while offering what we estimate is the fairest financial deal across any online VST Marketplace while doing so.
Exciting times ahead regarding Halion 6 upcoming content, We are positioning ourselves to let others share their creations to the world & reap the financial benefits  too. 
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As our motto says:
No Hassle - No Problem - groove on!